Roasted Veg Lasagne

We got fed up with eating disappointing vegetarian lasagne & created our own version which is packed with flavour, it's not quick but it's worth the effort!




Oil for cooking

1 onion, diced

2 clove of garlic, minced

1 Carrot, grated

1 stick of celery, finely sliced

2 tin chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp. tomato puree

Stock cube

Marmite, ¼ tsp

Splash soy sauce (optional)

Italian herbs

Salt & black pepper


Roast veg


1 courgette, sliced thickly

2 Onions, cut into wedges

1 red pepper, de-seeded and cut into thick strips

4 cloves of garlic

1 butternut squash, Peeled and diced into approx. 3cm cubes

Handful of mushrooms, quartered




White sauce (béchamel)

40g butter (or low fat marge)

40g plain flour

300ml milk




1 pack of dry pasta lasagne sheets

100g cheese




Instructions for the roast veg

Preheat the oven to 180

Place the squash in a large bowl, toss in oil, add salt & pepper and place at the top of the oven.

Toss the rest of veg in oil, add salt & pepper and place in the oven on the middle shelf.

Check every 15 mins and move around so the veg at the side does not burn. This should take approx. 1 hour, depending on your oven. You need the veg to be soft and slightly caramelised around the edges.

When cooked, take out and place to one side


Instructions for the Ragu

Whilst the veg is roasting, fry the onions in a large pan on a med heat until soft, place the garlic in the pan and fry for a further 3 minutes.

Add the carrot and celery and fry for a further 3 minutes.

Add the rest of the ingredients except the salt and pepper.

Simmer on a low heat, if the mix is too thick add some water, cook until the ragu is thick and all the veg has started to dissolve. Taste at this point and season to your liking.


Instructions for the white sauce (béchamel)

On a low heat, melt the butter in a pan and then add the flour. Cook for 2 mins, mixing all the time to cook the flour out. Add the milk, a small amount at a time whilst whisking continuously. Keep adding the milk until a consistency of double cream is achieved and remains stable.


Assembly instructions

Take a deep, oven proof dish, place 50ml of water in the bottom and a couple of serving spoons of the ragu (to ensure the bottom sheet is not dry) and spread over the bottom.

Place the first layer of pasta in the dish, being careful not to overlap so the bottom is covered. Place half of the roast veg on top of the sheets and spoon half of the ragu. Spread so it’s equal and even. Place the second layer of pasta sheets, again being careful not to overlap. Add the rest of the roast veg and then the rest of the ragu. Spread out and place the final layer of pasta sheets on the top.

Spoon the white sauce on the top of the last layer and grate the cheese on the top of that.

Place in the middle of the pre heated oven (180) and cook until the cheese is brown and the sides are bubbling hot.

Ensure that the middle of the lasagne is piping hot

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