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Our food is fresh and made from scratch. We provide food to meet different dietary requirements & we always offer vegetarian, vegan and GF options. We cater for a wide range of events so the food we offer also varies. This is our festival menu for 2020, please contact us if you would like information about our food for other events.


Summer Menu 2021


Mushroom burger with caramelised red onion and Stilton, served with fries and  seasonal salads


Falafel  served with  red pepper hummus, green pesto, roast veg and torched Emmental cheese in a warm flatbread. Served with fries and seasonal salads


Haloumi in a warm flatbread with roast veg, red pepper hummus and green pesto. Served with fries and seasonal salads


Chilli non Carne served with nachos, cheese, guacomole, sour cream, spring onion and chilli sprinkles


Buddah Bowl, fully loaded with loads of fresh salads, falafel, haloumi,           spring onion and chilli sprinkles


Posh cheesy Chips, covered with mature cheddar, salads of your choice, spring onion and chilli sprinkles


Salt & pepper chips, spicy and yummy












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